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Why should we care about pelvic floor fitness?

Why should we care about pelvic floor fitness?

When you put in hours at the gym the reward is usually there.  Your clothes fit better, you can see muscle definition, and you feel stronger.  Not to mention the emotional benefits from being in shape.  But what about the muscles we can’t see? Why should we care about the fitness of our pelvic floor?  Here are 5 reasons why maintaining the strength of your pelvic floor is so important.

  1. Prolapse Prevention

If you’ve never heard of prolapse you aren’t alone, but this is the one word every woman should know.  Prolapse happens when one of the three organs that are supported by our pelvic floor (bladder, rectum, uterus) actually slips out of place and descends down into the vagina.  Are your eyes bulging yet? At the most severe stage it becomes external to the body.  Shocking right? Even more shocking is how common prolapse is.  50% of women over the age of 50 have a prolapse!  This should be a major motivator to keep that pelvic floor strong and fit! Strengthening your pelvic floor at UROSPOT can not only prevent prolapse but can also stabilize and improve prolapse if you already have one.  Sitting fully clothed on the Kegel Throne, doing 11,000 kegels is safer and less invasive than the alternative treatment for prolapse which is surgery with a high failure rate. Prolapse clients at UROSPOT report a huge improvement in their quality of life. Watch a client tell her story here.  They experience reduced prolapse symptoms, avoid surgery, and are able to live without using a pessary (a prosthetic device inserted into the vagina to stent up the prolapsed organ).  Prevention, prevention, prevention.  Keep your pelvic floor strong and keep your organs in place.

  1. Control

Nobody likes the word incontinence.  It sounds like that issue our grandmothers had, but the truth is those bladder leaks and urge issues are in fact incontinence.  When you experience bladder leaks or even bowel leaks it is a sign that your pelvic floor fitness isn’t what it used to be.  When you improve the fitness of these muscles you can improve control and even retrain your bladder so you can stop the “just in case” pee.  We don’t need to end up where our grandmothers did.  We can strengthen our pelvic floors and maintain control.

  1. Better Sex

Sex should not be painful.  If it is, it’s a sign that there may be issues with the fitness of your pelvic floor muscles.  While many of us struggle with pelvic floor muscles that are loose and not toned, the opposite can also occur.  If your muscles are too tight this can lead to painful intercourse, lack of lubrication and difficulty achieving orgasm. With a healthy and fit pelvic floor, muscles are not too loose and also not too tight which makes sex more enjoyable.  At UROSPOT our clients report improved sex as a common outcome of treatment.  Stronger orgasms for both men and women, greater duration for men, and more lubrication for women are comments we hear every day.  One of our favourite testimonials came from a client who was struggling with loose pelvic floor muscles.  She came to UROSPOT for strengthening on the Kegel Throne.  After treatment she reported back “my husband says I now feel like Hercules down there”.

  1. Improved Confidence with a Strong Core

A strong and fit pelvic floor is key to a strong and fit core.  The pelvic floor sits at the base of your core.  It stabilizes your spine and helps with posture.  After treatment at UROSPOT where you do 11,000 kegels in 28 minutes clients report their workouts are easier.  This is because their core strength has improved.  Exercises that used to be a challenge are now achievable.  Clients report their sciatica goes away, lower back pain improves, and their abs feel tighter.  The best part is they didn’t have to break a sweat.  The energy of the Kegel Throne restores neuromuscular control.  These important core muscles strengthen and grow….and so does your confidence when your body feels stronger and fit.

  1. Recovery

With a strong and fit pelvic floor recovery from surgeries like prostate cancer for men, childbirth, and gynecological surgeries for women are improved.  At UROSPOT we also specialize in treating men before and after surgery for prostate cancer. A common result of a prostatectomy (removal of the prostate) is significant incontinence and erectile dysfunction. The results on the Kegel Throne are life changing for these men.  Many arrive feeling hopeless due to the severity of their symptoms. Three weeks later they leave UROSPOT having achieved erections and orgasms, plus they are back in control of their bladder.  The same goes for women.  One of the main outcomes of a hysterectomy is also incontinence.  Strengthening the pelvic floor after this surgery (or before) allows women to live with freedom and confidence as they say goodbye to leaks and pads.