Trying to keep pee leaks at bay?


“I am so excited about this new technology for women's health. The process is easy and comfortable and best of all, produces amazing results. The space is beautiful, the staff are professional and the experience feels luxurious rather than invasive.”

- UROSPOT Client

“I am already seeing benefits after only two sessions at UROSPOT. I can’t wait to see how this continues but I am thrilled already. The consultation was informative, professional and answered all my questions. Couldn’t have been a more positive experience"

- UROSPOT ClientAfter two sessions

“My experience at UROSPOT has been so positive. After only two sessions, I am sleeping through the night and can drive from London to Toronto without stopping to use the restroom. The staff made me feel super comfortable and the space is beautiful".

- UROSPOT ClientAfter two sessions

“Two big sneezes and no leaks after only 2 sessions. I can’t believe it. Thank you UROSPOT.”

- UROSPOT ClientAfter two sessions

“2 coffees before a long car drive and I didn’t have to go to the bathroom for hours!”

- UROSPOT Client

“After one treatment, I had NO leaks last night. This morning already I have moved four 50lb bags and NO leaks!!”

- UROSPOT ClientAfter one session

“Walking around in a big city this weekend, I wasn’t constantly looking around for a restroom.”

- UROSPOT Client

“I haven’t been able to sleep on my back because of pressure in my pelvis. After my first session at UROSPOT, I slept through the night on my back for the FIRST TIME in 10 YEARS!!”

- UROSPOT ClientOne day after first session

“ I feel like I’ve gained 20 years on my life”

- UROSPOT ClientFour months after treatment

“ No more waking to pee. I sleep soundly through the entire night!”

- UROSPOT Client

"The six sessions that I have had at UROSPOT have profoundly changed my life. There are many challenges that I had to face, and undoubtedly there will be many more. Still, urinary incontinence and the tremendous pain of a prolapsed uterus are no longer a concern for daily living. Deep gratitude as I step confidently into an exercise class, knowing I can do jumping jacks without hesitation. I have also felt so well cared for and nourished by the whole team at UROSPOT. If it takes a village, I am certainly glad to have found this one. Here's to wishing you every ongoing success."

- UROSPOT Client

“Getting rid of my frequent urge to pee has changed my life but feeling strong everywhere “down there” has given me even more confidence. I booked my first maintenance session yesterday!”

- UROSPOT Clientafter 6 sessions

“I am very pleased with my results. The freedom that has come back into my life is amazing! Wish I had found this sooner! xxoo”

- UROSPOT Clientafter 6 sessions

“The throne worked! No more sneeze and squirt. THANK YOU!”

- UROSPOT Clientafter 6 sessions

“I have experienced some “extra” positive benefits finishing treatment two months ago. My core is stronger and my bowel movements are better after my Freedom Sessions at UROSPOT…”

- UROSPOT Clientafter 6 sessions

“YAY! So much better after 6 sessions! Coughing and sneezing – NO PROBLEM! Thank you for bringing this innovation to life!”

- UROSPOT Clientafter 6 sessions

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In just 28 minutes you will experience 11,000 Kegels without any effort on your part. The technology does it for you. It’s like outsourcing your Kegels while you catch up on your favorite show. How? Simply by sitting on a chair that is FDA and Health Canada approved. Using electromagnetic energy, the chair effectively does 11,000 PERFECT Kegels FOR YOU.

Imagine the strength of your pelvic floor when you walk out the door.


Treatment consists of six sessions.

However, you may begin to notice improvement as early as your first session. Once improvement is noticed, it continues to improve with each session and in the weeks following your 6 completed sessions.

You’ll notice you aren’t waking up to pee anymore. You’ll sneeze or cough and realize you didn’t need to cross your legs. You’ll be able to go for a walk and not worry about needing a bathroom. The added bonus…you’ll also notice an improvement in the bedroom.

Sex just feels a whole lot better!

Our studies show that 6 months after treatment, 95% of women report significant quality of life improvement and nearly 70% have completely eliminated or significantly reduced their use of pads.


As a private urology clinic, we offer treatment by appointment only.

The UROSPOT experience is contactless.


UROSPOT offers a breakthrough Health Canada and FDA approved treatment for bladder leaks. Do your giggles turn to dribbles? Do you freak out when you leak out? Do you lose hope when you jump rope? UROSPOT can help in just 6 sessions for less money than you’d spend in a year on pads.


May be covered by your insurance plan.

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