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Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor

We’ve all heard how each year billions of diapers make their way into landfills across North America, but babies aren’t the only creators of this issue.  Adult diapers are about to outsell baby diapers for the first time in history and we aren’t talking about it.

The market for adult diapers, disposable underwear and absorbent pads is growing fast, up 9% last year to $9 billion, having doubled in the last decade, according to Euromonitor. Incontinence (involuntary urine leakage) is driving this growth.  With 2/3 of women over 40 struggling with bladder leaks and male incontinence on the rise as well, the makers of adult diapers are working hard to have us believe it’s sexy to wear a diaper.  Advertising them in new colours and designs, or with a woman wearing a negligée and a diaper as she gets ready for a hot date. They are doing their best to make incontinence seem normal; to make wearing a diaper as an adult normal.  Incontinence is common…but it is not normal. No one should leak urine…ever. Our bodies are designed to hold urine. Not leak urine.

What we need to be talking about is the fact that innovation exists to treat one of the causes of incontinence, so you never have to wear a diaper and add to this growing landfill disaster. In many cases, the cause of incontinence is a weak pelvic floor.  The set of invisible to the eye, but hugely important muscles at the base of our core; and yes, men have a pelvic floor too!  By strengthening these muscles, you can end bladder leaks and never become a consumer of diapers.

At UROSPOT in northwest London, we use disruptive technology that is 100% non-invasive to strengthen your pelvic floor like it’s on steroids. That’s right.  Your clothes never come off.  Our clients call it “revolutionary”. Clients at UROSPOT sit on an FDA and Health Canada approved chair that uses HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy).  UROSPOT calls it a Kegel Throne.  This energy moves from the Kegel Throne, through your clothes, into your pelvic floor and forces those muscles to contract (or kegel) 11,000 times in just 28 minutes!  At UROSPOT you can literally outsource your kegels off your to-do list.  After 6 sessions 95% of women report success and nearly 80% completely eliminate pad usage – can you hear the environment saying “thank you”?

The pad companies would like you to spend $2000 a year for the rest of your life managing the symptoms of incontinence.  Over 25 years that’s $50,000!  Or, you can use innovation that exists to free people from their incontinence by treating the root cause – taking a weak pelvic floor and making it as strong as possible.  At UROSPOT you can sit on the KEGEL THRONE and pat yourself on the back for helping the environment and your body.

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