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UROSPOT & Medcan

UROSPOT is Canada’s premiere centre for modern pelvic health. Our breakthrough care model combines technology, education and healthcoaching to help Medcan clients say goodbye to bladder leaks, urgency, frequency, prolapse, night waking, sexual functioning and other pelvic health challenges, all while you remain fully clothed.

Central to the UROSPOT™ care model is a non-invasive FDA and Health Canada approved technology. Simply by sitting on a chair, fully-clothed, you can strengthen and restore your pelvic floor, using electromagnetic energy that does the hard work for you. You stay seated for 28 minutes and keep your clothes on. No one is touching you. Nothing goes inside your body.

Our Pelvic Health Professionals are committed to delivering a premium UROSPOT™ EXPERIENCE for every client.

Step 1.

A UROSPOT™ Registered Nurse will discuss your symptoms, provide valuable education about pelvic health, ensure you are a fit for treatment, and answer all your questions. You will leave feeling excited and empowered knowing you are working with the experts in pelvic health and this technology.

Step 2.

Most people will visit UROSPOT™ twice a week for 3 weeks. During your treatment you will also receive world class education from Pelvic Health experts. Throughout the 28 minutes on the chair, the energy will stimulate your pelvic floor muscles with the equivalent stimulus as doing 11,000 Kegels without any effort on your part.

Step 3.

You may notice improvement as early as your first session. Once improvement is noticed, it may continue to improve with each session, and in the weeks following your completed sessions.

You may notice:

  • You aren’t waking up to pee anymore.
  • Sneezing and coughing without the need to cross your legs.
  • The ability to control urgency.Less frequent trips to the bathroom.
  • An improvement in the bedroom. Sex just feels a whole lot better.

Studies show that 6 months after treatment, 95% of women still report significant quality of life improvement and nearly 70% have completely eliminated or significantly reduced their use of pads.

Step 4.

Just like building any other muscle in your body, the gains achieved need to be maintained. Once your pelvic floor strength is restored, one 28-minute maintenance session every 3-4 months is recommended. If you notice a symptom returning, it’s time for a maintenance session.

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