Each person’s experience with bladder leaks and urgency is different.  During your consultation we will determine the optimal number of treatments to ensure you achieve the optimal outcomes.

For the majority of people, this is 6 sessions. Depending on your location, the cost of 6 sessions ranges between $1800-$2000 +HST.

Maintenance sessions are recommended once every four months after full treatment. Depending on your location, the cost per session ranges from $250-$300 +HST.

People struggling with bladder leaks spend on average between $900-$2000 a year purchasing pads, or even diapers.  This condition gets progressively worse so the cost to manage can increase.  If your symptoms start at age 40, by 65 you may have spent $50,000 purchasing pads that end up in a landfill.

Say good-bye to the cost and inconvenience of pads for good with UROSPOT.

At UROSPOT we offer flexible, affordable payment plan options through our financing partner Credit Genie.

If you require financing, click on the link below for (and get approved instantly).


Your application can be submitted at UROSPOT or online at home. All you need to apply is one piece of ID. You will receive the outcome of your application instantly! When approved, select how much money from your maximum approval limit you need and you can start your treatment(s) as soon as you’d like, with peace of mind knowing you have a flexible monthly payment plan at a competitive interest rate – as low as 0% for those with a great credit rating.

  • Competitive rates: 0%
  • Affordability
  • Quick process & instant approvals
  • High approval rate
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Digital process

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