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Have you ever laughed, coughed, or sneezed and felt a bladder leak? Do you wear black to the gym in case of an accident while working out? What’s more, do you always need to know where the closest washroom is, because when you have to go…you have to go? If you can relate to any of these situations you are not alone. Bladder leaks and urgency issues impact as many as 2/3rds of women over 35. This problem is extremely common, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal. Most women struggle in silence with only 10% seeking medical help and waiting on average 6.5 years from their first symptom before getting help.


There are also costly impacts on our lives, our planet, and our finances. Incontinence is one of the top reasons women are admitted to nursing homes later in life. 54% of women struggling with bladder leaks report a loss of confidence and 45% give up intimacy for fear of embarrassment. Women begin to restrict their activities, giving up the things they used to enjoy (like running, hiking, playing tennis) to help manage the risk of a leak. Our environment is also negatively impacted. In 2019, for the first time in history, the adult diaper market will outsell the baby diaper market; all of which ends up in a landfill. Women spend between $900-$2000 per year purchasing pads or diapers trying to manage this problem. Over 25 years that’s $50,000 that could have been spent on something much more enjoyable.


Here’s the good news. It doesn’t have to be this way. Technology is advancing quickly to bring disruptive solutions to healthcare challenges. Femtech is a rapidly growing industry. It’s the sweet spot where technology and women’s healthcare collide, and the majority of these innovations are being led by women for women.


Recently opened in London, Ontario and quickly spreading coast to coast,  UROSPOT offers breakthrough Kegel technology to end bladder leaks and say goodbye to pads. Strengthening the pelvic floor is a doctor-recommended first line of  treatment. At UROSPOT this is achieved without being invasive or awkward. As the official home to the Kegel Throne (also called the Kegel Chair), UROSPOT uses Health Canada and FDA approved technology that delivers 11,000 Kegels in just 28 minutes, simply by sitting on a chair and remaining fully clothed. By “outsourcing” your Kegel exercises to the Kegel chair, the technology does the work for you, and it bears repeating; you remain fully clothed with nothing touching your body or being placed inside your body. Highly focused electromagnetic energy causes your pelvic floor musculature to contract, or Kegel, 11,000 times in 28 minutes. After 6 sessions 95% of women reported a significant quality of life improvement and over 2/3 eliminated or drastically reduced the use of pads. It gets better. There’s only one side effect….more pleasure during intercourse.


In this age of women’s empowerment, it’s refreshing to see women’s healthcare taking center stage. It’s time to take control of our health, stay independent longer and restore our confidence and freedom. That’s why UROSPOT was launched.

UROSPOT is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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