The Leading Cause Of Admission To Long Term Care And How To Prevent It


The news coverage about the devastation hitting long term care facilities nationwide has been unsettling for our country.  It is clear that change is needed.  People are more afraid than ever to have long term care be their last stop. How do we prevent a future headed in this direction is a natural question for many.

Equally unsettling to learn, is that incontinence is the number one reason women are admitted to long term care.  Let that sink in for a moment.  It’s not our brains, or our hearts. The main reason is bladder leaks.

What begins as a small nuisance with sneezing, coughing or laughing only becomes worse as we age. Do you find yourself struggling to get out these days due to the lack of available washrooms and your frequent urge to go?  You are not alone, and sadly this too only becomes worse as we age. Do wake up frequently to use the washroom and worry you might leak on the way?  You are not alone.

Are you ready for some good news?  No matter your age or state of bladder leaks and urgency issues, it’s not too late to take action.  By strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with breakthrough medical technology you can take action to maintain your independence and active lifestyle.  The key is action.  Every woman and man should take the health of their pelvic floor muscles seriously.  These invisible muscles can be the difference between staying active or losing your independence.

UROSPOT (which means Urology Spot) treats bladder leaks and urgency in a way that’s revolutionary, pain free and non-invasive. That means your clothes never come off. The efficacy and safety of the technology at UROSPOT has been approved by Health Canada and the FDA. The technology allows users to remain fully clothed while sitting on a device that looks like a futuristic chair.   The technology effectively produces 11,000 perfect kegel exercises (also known as pelvic floor muscle training) in under 30 minutes. It’s like outsourcing your kegels and restoring the strong pelvic floor you used to have.  Treatment is effective for both women and men (especially men who have suffered from prostate cancer). It’s not uncommon to see tears of joy from the hundreds of women and men that UROSPOT has helped. “I feel like I’ve gained 20 years back on my life” was a recent quote from a very happy client.

UROSPOT Medical Director and OBGYN Dr. Laura Sovran says “there have been so many struggles for women that we just accept as being part of nature, and this results in many struggling in silence. We need to recognize that having a leaking bladder is not a normal part of being a woman, although it is common.  UROSPOT offers a non-invasive solution to help regain strength and function in the pelvic floor”.

Take action. Prevent a future in long term care and gain back the freedom you deserve. Consultations are always complimentary.

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